Boylston Fire Department
599 Main Street, Boylston, MA 01505  Phone: 508-869-2342 


"When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work." -Edward F. Croker

The Boylston Fire Department is staffed Monday through Friday from 700a-600p with three full time Firefighter/EMTs and Saturday and Sunday from 800a-500p with two part-time EMTs. One EMT staffs the department from 600p-1000p seven days a week. While the station is not staffed, multiple call groups respond to emergencies from 600p-700a. 

The Boylston Fire Department is currently in a cooperative program with Worcester Polytechnic Institute Emergency Medical Services; this program gives EMTs who currently work on the WPI EMS Squad the opportunity to work part-time in Boylston to help full shifts and work overnight at the station a few nights a week.  This program allows the college students the opportunity to work in a 911 EMS system and get experience as an EMT and also gives them the ability to learn about the fire service.  

Chief Joe Flanagan (Firefighter/EMT)
Deputy Chief Matt Ronn (Firefighter/EMT)
Captain Don MacKenzie (Firefighter/EMT)
Lieutenant Roger Young (Firefighter)
Lieutenant Scott McCubrey (Firefighter)
Lieutenant Jason Bradford (Firefighter/EMT)
Lieutenant Brian Gaucher (Firefighter)
Lieutenant Mike Buddenhagen (Firefighter)
David Buchanan (Chaplain)
Jeremy Peters (Firefighter/Paramedic)
Sara Jordan (Firefighter/Paramedic)
Bill Richardson (Photographer)
Robb MacKenzie (Firefighter)
Leigh Shircliff (Paramedic)
David Young (Firefighter/EMT)
Jeff Stanton (Firefighter/EMT)
Rob Starkey (Firefighter/EMT
Brent Duca (Firefighter/EMT)
Jarret Byrne (Firefighter/EMT)
Nick Baker (EMT)
Joel Bradford (Firefighter)
Paul Osterberg (Firefighter/EMT)
Gino Consiglio (Firefighter)
Lisa Rudge (EMT)
John Healy (Firefighter)
Patty Flanagan (EMT)
Kevin Colomey (Firefighter/EMT)
Dan Buddenhagen (Firefighter/EMT)
Jacob Matthew (Firefighter)
Ryan Schloerb (Firefighter/EMT)
Ryan Colleton (Firefighter)
Andy Tataronis (Firefighter/EMT)
Ben Matthew (Firefighter/EMT)
Steve Gebo (Firefighter/EMT)
Doug Gillum (Firefighter/EMT)
Mike O'Sullivan (Firefighter/EMT)
Tim Ciampaglia (Firefighter)
Jeff Dempsey-Holmes (Firefighter)
Ben Lyons (Firefighter)
Lauren Haage (EMT-Intermediate)
Tim Donohue (EMT)
Megan Mercure (EMT)
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